Frequently Asked Questions

How are Cloud Cookies different from traditional browser cookies & local storage?

Traditional cookies are browser based, storing data on a visitor's browser on their physical device. Cloud Cookies store data on a secure cloud server, gaining the many advantages of cloud-based technology.

How do Cloud Cookies work?

Cloud Cookies use a combination of traditional techniques and machine learning to identify a unique visitor. Instead of storing cookie data within a particular visitor's browser, Cloud Cookies allow this data to be stored on secure cloud servers.

Will Cloud Cookies work on my site?

If you use JavaScript, then you can use Cloud Cookies. A cookie can be accessed as easily as CloudCookie.get('foo') with our simple JavaScript SDK. Try it out.

Do Cloud Cookies work within 3rd party iframes?

Yes. With updates to Safari announced in March of 2020 and expected to launch in Chrome in 2022, cookies in 3rd party iframes will be disabled by default. Cloud Cookies provide an alternative solution to provide consistent user experience in iframes.

Can Cloud Cookies track a session across multiple domains?

Yes. Unlike browser cookies, which can only operate on a single domain, cloud cookies allow you to connect visitors across multiple domains.

Is there a limit to what can be stored in a Cloud Cookie?

Unlike browser cookies can only store strings and typically have a 4kb limit, Cloud Cookies can store just about any data type of any size.

Are Cloud Cookies only for Enterprise companies?

No. Our free plan offers full functionality for up to 5,000 requests per month. Beyond that, our pricing aims to be straightforward and affordable to all. Learn More

Are Cloud Cookies secure?

Cloud Cookies have 2 security options:

Standard: Standard security can identify a unique visitor 99.9+% of the time on all browsers. It is ideal for most applications, but isn't recommended for sensitive data.
Strict: Strict security mode will only store data when a unique visitor can be 100% identified. Hence it is safe for more sensitive data, but will not store data in some browser configurations.
With both options, cookies are stored on secure cloud servers. Learn More

Do Cloud Cookies comply with GDPR, CCPA, or other governmental regulations?

Yes, as a technology Cloud Cookies are compliant, but it's still up to you to treat your visitors data in accordance with the law.